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The Story of an Apricot Tree

After being planted by Mormon pioneers, this ancient apricot tree stood silently for over a century.  The main trunk was over five feet in diameter.  This specimen is just one limb.  She was a giant and provided many harvests of apricots before succumbing to age and wind.

But even though toppled she had one more bounty to bestow: the beauty and character of her wood.  Through a turbulent life she developed many gnarls to cover and heal the scars she suffered through the years.

I found her lying unceremoniously among tall willows near a swamp, mud covered, forgotten but still hiding her last treasure.

Under bark and mud and debris lay the wood and scars that told the story of a tree’s life.  With loving hands, much huff and puff, I uncovered her amazing burls, and brought back life to this weathered old limb.

She stands proudly today, about thirteen feet tall, for all to see and admire and hug.  And I hug her often.  She’s a beauty and a real lady, “Milady”.

She deserves an appreciative audience: A Mall – Corporate Complex – Business Board Room or loving home.

To stay in southern Utah would be ideal – because of her heritage.